Saturday, October 20, 2007

And now for something completely different

Saw a good, funny video by a band named Ola Podrida on the great music blog Gorilla vs. Bear the other day and had to go find their songs. Now I can't listen to anything else. This is not that video, but another'n that I like.

They're pretty mellow, so I'll probably get an email from my friend Travis asking me why I'm "so gay for them" (not that there's anything wrong with that). But I am--I am so gay for them right now. For those keeping score, it's Em, G, D, A.


sarahjane said...

holy cow, that's good.

nathan_fisher said...

I did download that CD.

I approve.

countvonsexy said...

That Gorilla vs. Bear...they sure know what's up.

You know...I hate to get on here and promote Sirius Satellite really does rock my socks off. Every night on 'Left Of Center' (Channel 26)--they have blog radio. And they get the guys from Gorilla vs. Bear, Brooklyn Vegan, Fluxblog, Stereogum--the whole bunch--and they give 'em a couple hours to just play what they want and host their own show.

It's REALLLLY awesome.

Anyways. I love everyone.


Mr. Hill said...

Yeah, and that song, is, like, not even my favorite one on there.

I bought my parents satellite radio for Christmas last year and I think they still haven't figured out how to turn it on. It's sitting somewhere in their kitchen blinking "12:00."

leslie said...
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