Monday, July 19, 2010

playa roosta

UPDATE: I erased this ten days ago, and I miss it.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

questions answered

I had access to a bracelet making machine the other day so I made one designed to help me navigate this perilous world. Now, whenever I am in a tricky situation of some sort (which happens several times a day), all I have to do is consult my "What would Hunter S. Thompson do?" bracelet, and the path is clear, kinda.

In other news, I am half way through my abbreviated summer vacation, and it has been great. It's short this year, but I ended school already looking forward to fall, so I'm not feeling any dread. It helps that I'm teaching great classes this year: AP Lit, Etymology, and for the first time in two years, Comp. I love that class.

Today, I think Hunter S. Thompson would water the flower boxes, build a bike-repair stand in his garage, drive his kids to the dentist, and try reading some more of David Mitchell's surprisingly funny Cloud Atlas, a book he would have read about in the three million recent reviews of Mitchell's new novel.
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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Back from the lake, and it is supposed to be hot, so I am engaged in the seasonal puzzle of how to keep a house that has no air-conditioning cool enough that we do not begin hallucinating too badly. I have a system, and it works pretty well. But nature is always trying to crack my system, and I must stay on my toes.
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