Monday, July 27, 2009

Lookit my pictures

Was missing northern Michigan the other day so I made some pictures of the views I see when I go riding in the hills above Petoskey. They're from memory, so I don't think it really looks much like this, in case you are from Petoskey and don't recognize anything.

Something about having just a month before teaching starts again makes me think of the projects I should devote these remaining weeks to. One project I just concluded was to finish reading a long two part article on surfing that I came across in a 1992 New Yorker that I found while cleaning my filing cabinet. That was the first year I started subscribing, and it's pretty amazing how different the magazine was back then. Smaller type, longer articles, less glam. In tracking down part I of the article, I learned that, through the New Yorker website, I can browse and print articles from every issue ever published! Amazing! It's like a free reverse-subscription.

Not sure what my other projects need to be, though, after hearing a story on NPR this morning, I am developing a plan to make crows like me. I also think I am going to paint a series of telephone poles covered with those vines with orange trumpet-like blooms on them. But now I can't find any of them around town, so I can't do it en plein air. Got to get started on something, though.
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

secret garden

Our home & garden thing went so nicely this weekend. I started the weekend with vague worries that people would try to take my books, but that didn't happen. Instead, people were just nice! Imagine! And I loved seeing students there. I'd missed being around them, I think.

When it was over, we went for our first visit to the newest section of Mike and Michelle's garden, just visible to the left. This is probably my favorite garden, like what you see in the magazines and all.

But the problem with taking Catherine out places is that she always embarasses with some kind of outrageous behavior, like eating other peoples' flowers.
You're not actually . . .

OMG you did . . spit that out!

I can't take you anywhere.

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Monday, July 13, 2009


Out of action for a few days there. Was attacked by a snake. Hahaha not really. Really, this python was the most normal animal displayed by one of the stangest small-town fair traveling menageries I have ever seen. Who needs zoos when you have enthusiastic-but-shady families of people willing to drive their RV's full of poisonous reptiles and insects right to you?

Hey, and the local paper did a very nice article on our house in the Sunday paper--almost all the quotes are almost all accurate! The online version has a link to the left with a photo gallery.
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