Monday, July 13, 2009


Out of action for a few days there. Was attacked by a snake. Hahaha not really. Really, this python was the most normal animal displayed by one of the stangest small-town fair traveling menageries I have ever seen. Who needs zoos when you have enthusiastic-but-shady families of people willing to drive their RV's full of poisonous reptiles and insects right to you?

Hey, and the local paper did a very nice article on our house in the Sunday paper--almost all the quotes are almost all accurate! The online version has a link to the left with a photo gallery.
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PirateGecko said...

My mom got the paper, and when she was reading it, she said, "Hey! Mr. Hill's in the paper!" Nice article. :)

Mindstroller said...

That house is in good hands.

Ryan said...

Ball Python's are wonderful.

I have one and she's one of the most chilled out animals I have ever had.