Thursday, June 25, 2009

After the passing of both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett today, my friend Travis pointed out that momentous events are often said to occur in 3's. Travis was wondering what that third happening would be, and that is when I realized that it was here, in my own house: the amazing quesadillas I made tonight. They were so good.

It is a little strange to be connected to two such famous people in this way, I mean, why me, right? But really, we're all just tools of the cosmos and sometimes, to remind us of this connection, all it takes is a little of that not-all-that-old lime you have sitting under some bananas squeezed onto your quesadillas. What a day.

In other news, it breaks my heart, but I am considering having our dog Smokey put to sleep. It's one of the saddest decisions I can imagine making, but . . . she just won't stop panting in my face. It's driving me crazy, and the vet says there's nothing we can do. A shame, really, especially because she's in perfect health.
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Michelle Briggs Wedaman said...

What's this Smokey business? Are you in the being funny mode or the making light of the serious mode?

nathan_fisher said...

Ed McMahon died a few days ago, and most people are calling him the "third."

Mr. Hill said...

No, I don't buy that. You can't go back in time to find the third--it has to come after the point when people started saying "oh, two weird things happened." If McMahon counted, people would have been saying "oh, so Michael Jackson is the third."

And with that, I rebut the Twittersphere.

And Smokey's fine. She just won't stop panting. She pants in her sleep, that dog. At least the last couple days she has.

LetsGoThrow said...

Bad news for your quesadillas. Billy Mays died today. He seems like a more likely connection to the rule of threes.

Mr. Hill said...

maybe . . . or maybe Mays is the first of a new trio, making it bad news for two yet-to-be-named celebrities.

Ryan said...

What about the Shamwow guy? Or whatever it is.


I'm just rambling.

Mindstroller said...

Vince, the shamwow guy, is (or maybe he's out by now) in prison for assaulting a hooker. He hired a hooker, she bit his lip and he beat the crap out of her.

The world does have some justice left in it; sadistic though it may be.