Sunday, June 07, 2009

The third-ever season of "Hamlet Tag" just concluded, and I finally got some photographs to document this growing sport that combines agility and inevitability into one of the few athletic challenges out there that really asks the big questions.

A short primer on the rules that I remember: In the middle of this image is "Hamlet," who is shown in the act of pursuing various other players like the "player-king" and the "gravedigger" because the "ghost" player is on the field, spurring him to his revenge.
When the ghost is on the field, then, players caught by Hamlet yelp "I am slain" and fall to the ground. When they get bored, they can get up and run around again.
Here we see Hamlet being chased because the ghost has left the field, making him lose his resolve. When I was a kid, we called this "smear the queer," but I don't think we were aware of the ugly connotation at the time.
When Mr. Hill is on the field, everyone has to stop and talk about "how postmodern this game is." Eventually, the poison flag is thrown, everyone dies, and the Fortinbras player steps onto the field, announcing "I win."
We had a couple of strong teams this year, and one was even allowed to play at full-speed, the first time that has happened since season one.
Such great classes. I'll miss them.
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Mindstroller said...

gah why did i have to be sick on the day my class played that? Fate is such a cruel mistress.

D.Ram said...

You think that's bad? Our whole class didn't even get to play, IIRC.

Mr. Hill said...

I think we got one game in, D, but then some huge group of freshmen arrived to have pictures taken so we had to call it early.

That's what I remember, anyway.

Kristina said...