Sunday, July 19, 2009

secret garden

Our home & garden thing went so nicely this weekend. I started the weekend with vague worries that people would try to take my books, but that didn't happen. Instead, people were just nice! Imagine! And I loved seeing students there. I'd missed being around them, I think.

When it was over, we went for our first visit to the newest section of Mike and Michelle's garden, just visible to the left. This is probably my favorite garden, like what you see in the magazines and all.

But the problem with taking Catherine out places is that she always embarasses with some kind of outrageous behavior, like eating other peoples' flowers.
You're not actually . . .

OMG you did . . spit that out!

I can't take you anywhere.

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PirateGecko said...

I love the rather satisfied smile at the end. (:

sarahjane said...

I always thought she was a bit off.

What an insane garden! Beautiful!

Michelle Briggs Wedaman said...

A garden for eating, that it is!

Michelle Briggs Wedaman said...

Nice job on the home tour - a few thousand toward another fountain at Lakeside Park!

Mr. Hill said...

yeah--they sold over 1000 tickets, so that's close to $8,000, I'd guess, optimistically.