Friday, June 09, 2006

Festival season

German Fest might be my favorite summer festival here. Greek Fest has slightly better food, but it's dang expensive, I think, and something about it feels exclusive for some reason. Like it's for Greeks only almost. That's probably in my head, though. German Fest is pretty laid back in comparison. If you're from the midwest, you're already half German just from being raised to eat all that meat and boiled vegetables. So, it's comfortable.

This is from last night. The always fun Melissa saying hi to me as I surreptitiously snap her photo and Brian's great, really great, girlfriend Leslee smiles on. She always smiles, Leslie. It's almost her natural state--it makes you smile too and wonder why you don't smile more and so you resolve to try, and then the next time you see her you remember your pledge and realize that you haven't been working on it enough.


sarahjane said...

All right, what's with you guys and the germanfest? wes loved it too, but i just don't see the charm in paying $10 to get in. but at least this blog settled a little debate between me and wes as to whether or not there was a greek fest. he thought i had made it up. just one more thing i can hold over his head that i was right about.

Mr. Hill said...

The charm is in waiting to go until your friends have been there for 20 minutes or so and then mooching off of their pitcher for awhile and then leaving early.

I thought there would be more polka, large, weaving hordes of stumbling polka people, but there wasn't. If there had been, I would have joined in, even, but only if.

Almighty Ryan said...

I'm sure it was loads of fun!

onfoyou said...

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