Friday, July 28, 2006

Yeah More of the Garden

Can't help it. It's these high summer flowers I like best, the ones that are happiest when the sun is beating the rest of the world back into the cool air conditioning of their homes and offices. These flowers are even from the same part of the garden as the last picture below, but the light is better, so I had to put them up.

It was one of those rare mornings when I was awake before both kids. I put some of the blueberries we picked last weekend on my Grape Nuts and went outside to the picnic table and, for once, ate my breakfast without hearing Clifford or Dragon Tales in the background. It was a lot of nice for a mere ten minutes of time.


Random1001.5 said...

In Band Camp, most of time we trample over the grass. That's really all the small plants you will see on the field.
On the "basic's field" the ruts have already appeared where the grass had tried to grow from last year and it'll attempt to grow there once the we stop using and be trampled again.

Soon, most of main field will turn turn into a grassless wasteland. That will eventually be replaced with new grass seed after the season is over.

A.T. said...

I know this is random, but it looks like i will be seeing you first period on the 16th. i have taken many pages of notes, and i believe i am very prepared. :)

Mr. Hill said...

Yes! I just saw you on my class list the other day--that's pretty awesome. I had no doubt you'd be ready to go. I hoped you liked the summer books; I like them both pretty well and will be curious to hear what people have to say.

Make the most of your last week of summer break!