Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dream band

I can't believe I've never seen Animal Collective live yet. It hurts to know that. Some days I have trouble getting out of bed just because I know that I have missed that experience in my life so far. Seeing video like this convinces me that, given a choice, it's the one band I'd like to be a part of. It's just sublime. B, my two year old, goes crazy when their song "Purple Bottle" comes on and he starts egging me on to yell along to the "Whoa! Get that!" part toward the end. You have to be born with great taste like that, I think.


A.T. said...

I have been listening to Animal Collective ever since you played "Who Could Win A Rabbit" last year. I have the Sung Tongs cd and I listen to it all the time. thanks!

Mr. Hill said...

I was just listening to that one yesterday . . . their last one, Feels gets to me just as much as Sung Tongs.

Y'know, you really have an eclectic taste in music.