Sunday, December 17, 2006

Anxiety of Influence, cont.

I don't recall thinking of William Christenberry when I took this:But the resemblance is there. Except his is much cooler, of course: I know next to nothing about Christenberry, though I suppose I could take the time to read the introduction to his latest monograph, but his pictures are enough. He's one of the people who, when I saw their photographs for the first time, made me think "Oh, so that's what I've been trying to do." I felt the same way when I first saw Harry Callahan, The Americans, and Anne Geddes. Just kidding about that last one.


dasmb said...

Anne Geddes.

I wonder how many innocent children have been crammed screaming into bear costumes, tea cozies and watermelons by crazed parents under her influence.

My children will grow up under strict "no naked photographs of babies" policy.

Oden, Miles said...

You and the teenie houses, Scott. You and the teenie houses.

You go on and have yourself a very merry christmas, OK?

tsea said...

Knowing that your site tracker has logged my frequent check-ins to you blog, I'm sure you can conclude that I'm anxious for an update. Surely there's something blog worthy in your neck of the woods.