Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Down with Waiting

Man, what's up with the In Rainbows download site being down? Did they not anticipate demand or something? I like their plan to bypass the majors, but this looks amateurish to me. Maybe it's just that, since the advent of broadband internet access, I hate waiting for anything. What's weirder is that I'm not even that much of a Radiohead fan--but I listened to Nathan's copy a few times today and was getting into it, so now I'm bummed.

UPDATE: I think it sounds like U2.


Ryan said...


Don't worry, it's safe.

Ryan said...

And for some reason the link goes all the way off the page...

If you highlight it and copy it though, it's all there.

countvonsexy said...

I'm not too huge a fan as well,

But IN RAINBOWS is pretty alright.

I'll probably listen to it 6 times or so, pick a song to put on mixes, and move on with my life.

I paid a whole pound for it!