Saturday, March 29, 2008


The first Saturday of spring break. Many of my students probably haven't even gone to sleep yet, having stayed up playing Gears of War all night. They're already bored, I bet--they're already wishing they could be back in my class. See, kids, video-games are not the answer: they are a diversion from Truth, a living death. Hey, I just saw a woodpecker fly into a knothole in a tree outside my window. I thought that only happened in cartoons. Nature!

That's a picture of my new favorite local band, Tugboat Jack. They played a fun show at the Warbird Brewery last night full of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., and some revved-up traditional bluegrass standards. Makes me want to pick up the banjo today and put new strings on it.


Michelle said...

So, how was the new Italian place?

Mr. Hill said...

Packed! And more upscale than we'd anticipated . . so we went for Indian instead, where I wouldn't feel self-conscious wearing a baseball hat.

Michelle said...

We could use a funky little cafe ... S. Jefferson for Indian or is there another one on this side of town?

Mr. Hill said...

Taste of India out by the Wal-Mart on Coldwater. I prefer it in some ways to the Taj Mahal.

When that bakery on State Street moves on to bigger digs, I will realize my dream of opening a bike shop/coffee shop/bookstore. No wi-fi, though. It would have a sign in the window that says "Free Lo-Fi" of "Lo-Fi Hot Spot." That's pretty funny. I just made that up. Maybe I'll put those on t-shirts.

Michelle said...

Is that the place that closes and then opens under another new name every other month or so? Sometimes as Chinese/Indian/Polish mixed?

Why wait for the shop on the shirts? Go ahead and make them now.

Mr. Hill said...

Yes, but the last two shops there have been pretty successful.

Let's set up your letter press rig to make shirts, then. I'm sure it can be done.