Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eric Baus at Visiting Writers Series

Local poet Eric Baus returned to town Monday night.
I read his book, The To Sound, all the time. I try to be like that book.
His next book, Tuned Droves, is out soon, and his readings from that were my favorites of the night.

Here, a form of Haiku jujitsu.

I asked him who his favorite English teacher was at Snider H.S. and he said "Randy Rusk and Pam Teagarden." Randy taught me, too, so I thought "yeah, Mr. Rusk. He yelled a lot--in a good way."

Noah Eli Gordon also read, a poet of diverse talents and wit.
He blinked in every picture I took of him, though.

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Clare said...

Rusk was my favorite too

LetsGoThrow said...

I was down in Bloomington last weekend: black IU hats galore.

Mr. Hill said...

Oh man. I have to go shoppin' on the intertubes now.