Friday, April 17, 2009

First Meal Out

And then it got warm--there wasn't even time to prepare food. We were outside, suddenly, looking around and eating a meal. The birds make more sense when you hear them up close. There are so many motorcycles in this town.

Navratan Korma, Medium+, is my drug of choice, but tonight I said to the man on the phone who may or may not know my voice by now, "Hot, please," but even that didn't seem like enough. Maybe I should have said "Double Hot Plus," but no, they would have told me I was crazy, that it had never been done, and how would I have explained it to them, the extent of the powers conferred by the light when it is just like that, when your kid is twirling his tiny umbrella, arguing that "Smoke-ey" is a compound word, and your dog is deaf but not dead and just might make it to 13. You can see the dilemma I was in.
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LetsGoThrow said...

Hi, I'm going to P4K. Let me know what day you decide on so I can purchase tix.

Mr. Hill said...

That'll be more fun than an Idaho wedding, I think, and cheaper. Great news. Now the chances that we'll make it inside your house are much greater.

I'm planning on waiting until they announce more acts before committing. Right, now, I'm leaning toward Sunday, though I know you might lean to Saturday with National and all. We'll see how it plays out.

LetsGoThrow said...

If you decide Sunday I'll just play all my National records on Saturday and we can think "we could be there..." but then we'll go do something awesome in the city like a fiddle festival or walking 10 miles and be glad we didn't go anyway.

Dawn Potter said...

I can see the dilemma you were in.

sarahjane said...

Now I want Indian food too! But food is always better on your picnic table under the bulb-lit tree, I must say.

Mr. Hill said...

That's true. If only the squirrels would stop eating through the bulb cords.

I think I'm going to have Indian leftovers now.