Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Make magazine shows up in my mailbox every once in awhile, though I don't ever remember subscribing to it. Still, I'm happy to get it. I've never made anything from it, but I've noticed a momentum building, an urge to at least try. Last month, for example, I almost tried out their design for a cool vaccuum extraction coffee maker out of test tubes and stuff. I even went so far as to hint to our school science department head that if there were any unused glassware cluttering a storeroom that I would take it off of his hands. Then I lost interest or got busy or something. I forget.

But this month, I finally found the ambition to complete one of their challenging projects, mainly because all the supplies I needed were within ten feet of me at the time I read the article. So here it is, my first Make object: the DIY ipod speakers.
They actually work, too (kinda)! Yes, those are paper cups with holes in the bottom.

Maybe I could start making and selling them.


tsea said...

If they work as well as this: http://www.messengermirror.com/ which I am a proud owner of, then you should design an origami version you can mail US post standard letter envelope just like he does with his mirrors.

PirateGecko said...

I am very impressed. :D

Also, that magazine sounds very intriguing.

Dawn Potter said...

My son took one look at the iPod speakers and said, "I need a subscription."

Mr. Hill said...

Oh, I think that would be a very good idea. It's definitely a magazine for a younger, brainier generation. It's a spectator sport for me.