Sunday, November 08, 2009

Wing Haven

What an insanely nice fall weekend. Leaf raking is only fun for about 15 minutes, so after an hour of it we tried out a new nature preserve we'd never visited. It had a pretty lake with one of those docks that sits just barely above the water and has a rotten plank you have to step over. Those are the best.
Smokey, balking at the top of the stairs. She sat there for a long dog-minute, thinking "no way can my old bones handle that," but she did okay.

This is the side of my face that does not have a scary growth attached to it. The other side has this weird eye-lid thing going on, even though I have given it plenty of time to fix itself. That strategy has not worked very well for me this past year. It occurs to me that "scary growths" are things you are supposed to have "checked out" by "doctors." Maybe that should happen soon.
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PirateGecko said...

Oh man. Nice pictures. That looks like a really neat place. It also looks it is more fun than working on projects and Nano.

Mr. Hill said...

It was so nice. Once cool part is that there's this young family with four(!) little girls living there as caretakers in a 100+ year old cabin/ farmhouse. They have chickens and a bunch of other old outbuildings a whole bunch of land. They are all just living there, making music and blacksmithing, very lucky, and you could tell they all knew it in a good way.

sarahjane said...

That sounds like a cool place to live! Bummer about the eye.

Michelle Briggs Wedaman said...

Nice! Is that that Acres property north of FW?
(Get to the doctor please.)

Mr. Hill said...

It's just north of Angola about four or five miles, so, just under an hour north.

Sarah, please get busy birthin' that baby please.