Monday, February 15, 2010

Squid himself picking up his gold keys (I almost wrote "god keys"!), one of which he won for the portrait of me in his glasses, above. He made the thing with a set of toy watercolors! Kid is going places.


LetsGoThrow said...

It's a good thing you said that was a portrait of you - I could have sworn that it was Ben Folds.

All kidding aside. Isn't it awesome when students do something amazing? For a brief moment, you think that maybe you had something to do with it and then you decide that you probably didn't but that you were lucky to know them.

He's really captured that sideways glance of yours, and the Hill mouth.

Rachel said...

That's so awesome!

And I know that guy in white! Okay I don't really know him at all. He's just a super friendly regular customer.

sarahjane said...

Ahhh! That IS you! How about that.

Mr. Hill said...

sideways glance? Hill mouth? Now I'm self-conscious. I don't think I can teach tomorrow.

Lucky to know them is right, too.