Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cool apartment. I like all their stuff, the way they just have it there, in their place, and the casual way they sit there in the middle of it, with the sincerest form of feigned indifference. I wish I could feign my indifference like this.

Unhappy Hipsters would have something snarky to say about this picture, but (a) their credibility is damaged by the odd definition of "hipster" that they seem to be applying, and (b) they probably live in a dump. And (c) snark is the lowest form of internet speech.


sarahjane said...

That place does look lovely. I've also wondered about their working definition of hipster. Hmmm.

Dawn Potter said...

I don't have any indifference to feign. It's what makes me so unhip, though for some reason I did end up married to a hipster whose parents live in a house that merits a caption. He's only a part-time hipster, if that makes it any better.