Saturday, June 26, 2010

38th Indiana Fiddler's Gathering

The glow things were reasonably priced.
People were jamming until 4 a.m. by our tent but the kids slept through it like the champion sleepers they are. And then I had this great breakfast burrito. There were lots of trees around us.

We were on the Tippecanoe battlefield, which I think had something to do with Indians. I'm about to remind myself on Wikipedia.
My friend Dean, picking until 5, back at it at 9.
Kids were mainly into running with other kids, but sometimes they sat down.

And then we were tired. A graduate of Indiana University, it is my sworn duty to disparage West Lafayette and everything related to it, especially for its supposed ugliness. But I have to say, the drive there was so nice. There are gentle hills that have rivers fitted between them with names like "The Tippecanoe," and the rivers move with a purpose that almost suggests a consciousness on their part that they are rivers and that there is a power in that. The rivers where I live don't behave that way. They need to be reminded which way is downstream sometimes, like they would rather seep outward, creep up their soaked banks, or just wait until August to dry out completely.

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sarahjane said...

Sounds like a first camping trip success!

Mindstroller said...

Anybody who says west lafayette isn't a pretty town has never been there.

Also, anybody who says Purdue's campus isn't smelly has never been there in the fall. Gingko trees are a pretty yellow color, but the people who smell them turn a sickly green.