Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peter Maysles's home just went up in one of the coolest Selby's I've seen in a long time. I think I like to live in a neater space than this, but that's partly because the things I tend to accumulate around me are not as interesting as the things these two gather around them.

I know Maysles directed Grey Gardens, which also happens to be the name of my back yard, but I'm not sure what else I should know him for. Now I know him for his house.


Rachel said...

Ugh, I'm so jealous of homes that are so eclectic but somehow manage to have everything go together. Do you base the color scheme around your random knick-knacks or do you accumulate knick-knacks that go with the color scheme?

Mr. Hill said...

I know. It looks like an afterthought. Maybe not thinking about it is the secret. And having money and world traveling.