Monday, January 09, 2012


Some recent purchases

". . . they rode out on the round dais of the earth which alone was dark and no light to it and which carried their figures and bore them up into the swarming stars so that they rode not under them but among them and they rode at once like something jaunty and circumspect, like thieves newly loosed in that dark electric, like young thieves in a glowing orchard, loosely jacketed against the cold and ten thousand worlds for the choosing." All the Pretty Horses (30).

As much as I think about re-reading The Savage Detectives, it's All the Pretty Horses that I seem to open up and browse the most. I open it and pretty soon I am reading it out loud, usually some passage like this, with stars in it, glum cowboys nearby. Right now I wonder about the repetition of "thieves" here. Is it awkward? Could he have chosen a different word the second time? Sometimes I like to think that it's evidence that the narrator is trying again, trying to get it right, but that doesn't really fit with the tone of tragic omniscience the narrator usually carries in this book. It's not the voice of a consciousness that wouldn't get it right the first time. But anyway, I'm glad to be back in this book again.


sarahjane said...

You're an Eliot-reading maniac! I'm about done with "The Marriage Plot" and am enjoying it. I still haven't read "All the Pretty Horses." Shame on me, I guess.

Mr. Hill said...

That's cool you are liking Marriage Plot. I'm still liking it too, even though it hardly seems like the same writer as he was in the last two books. Is anybody else reading it? Did Marie & David?

I am a fool for old George, you're right. She's dreamy.

sarahjane said...

I know Marie started it but had to turn it into the library. Wes read it. I'll have to send an email to everyone.