Monday, May 01, 2006

New Reality

I love all the PBS reality shows. This is partly because I have no choice--I got no cable. It's also because they're just smart and fun and things I can imagine doing too. I'm talking about shows like 1900 House, Frontier House, Manor House, and now, the new Texas Ranch House, which started tonight and goes the next four nights. It's pretty fun stuff. Right now, for example, as I type, frickin' Indians are stealing their horses! How great is that?

The pattern for these history-based PBS reality shows is pretty consistent: pick an interesting historical period, convince ten people that it would be a great adventure to recreate it, and then film them as they fall apart in the dust, the monotony, the people they don't like, and the back breaking work. It's a lot of fun to watch.

One of the sad things you notice when you watch these shows is that people are freaks and jerks no matter what year it is. The cook looks to be the next guy to lose his wits, I think. He's a loose cannon. I can't wait.


*67 said...

Dangit! I missed it! As a fellow PBS whore because i refuse to pay for television. I love these shows. I used to watch that one with the two couples...was that Frontier or Pioneer ? I'll try and catch it on replay, PBS does great at that.

Oden, Miles said...

Not a fan of Art Brut.

Almighty Ryan said...

I think what's entertaining about these shows is that even in a different setting, people can't seem to conceive of trying to live in an entirely different way. I'd love to see a reality TV show where the Hilton -sisters are dropped in with a bunch of African tribesman and forced to live out in the wild without any makeups, accessories, or change of clothing. I'd pay to see that.

Mr. Hill said...

I think that one road trip show with Hilton and the other one was supposed to be like that, wasn't it? I never saw it, but my impression is that the producers pulled their punches a little bit and didn't really make them live too hard a life.

And, Mr. Oden, perhaps you have not heard enough of Art Brut yet. I dunno. For me at least, their lyrics crack me up: "my little brother just discovered rock and roll/ He's only twenty-two/and he's out of control!" And from "New Girlfriend" where they guy starts gushing "I've seen her naked . . TWICE! I've see her naked TWICE!!"

Mark said...


I saw them two Mondays ago at the Coliseum headlining for Dashboard Confessional. The whole time it was just loud noises and the feeling of a oncoming heartattack.

You couldn't pay me to see them again.

But I guess we differ in artists (except for Sufjan Stevens, of course!).

Random1001.5 said...

I don't watch much TV, but I don't have cable either. Kind of interesting.

Mr. Hill said...

Oh yeah, Mark? Well I can't believe you like Dashboard Confessional! Actually, I don't know what they sound like, so I'll give you that one.

I'm taking some heat over this band lately--other people have told me my appreciation of them is unwarranted, including two of my regular review sites, AMG and Pitchfork. I'm starting to think that Pitchfork is a little too hip for their own good.