Thursday, May 25, 2006

Summer Blogging Season is Here!

A few more days of school and my summer will start and I plan to be doing a lot of this here: sitting down to read but instead having J. walk up and ask me to watch a Gene Kelley movie with her. It's a life.

I think Monkeysquirrel will be taking a summer vacation, too. Maybe it'll be more of a summer photo blog if anything. Either way, there will be a little more space between posts. I slow down in the heat, you know. Anyway, as we say in our yearbooks, have a great summer. Don't spend it all in front of a computer monitor. Oh, and wear sunscreen.


T-Seabs said...

It's refreshing to think that this won't be on my "Required summer reading list," but then I suppose as I'm graduating, I don't really have one of those now.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I have to wonder why I scored so low on my SAT when I illustrated my essay. Hmmm...

Oden, Miles said...

Get some 'Brigadoon' in there, will ya?

Tito said...


It was great having some of the same classes this year. You are a pretty cool guy. That one time in physics class was hilarious. Hopefully we will have some classes together next year. Have a great summer.