Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Science of Sleep

Wow. Sometimes you hear about movies that you think you are going to like and they fill you with anticipation and you finally see them and are disappointed. I am thinking of American History X (sorry Ryan!) and March of the Penguins, The Matrix Reloaded and countless others.

And then other times, the opposite happens, like today: out of nowhere, I read a review and see a trailer for Michael Gondry's new one, The Science of Sleep, which I just know is going to be awesome. He directed the last Charlie Kaufman movie Eternal Sunshine . . .. I'm ready.

Sometimes I think it pays to not even worry about what movies are coming out in the future or follow it in the press because the good ones, like this one, will find you on their own when they come out. I used to read Aint it Cool News all the time, for example, but got tired of living in that state of anticipation. Gotta live in the moment.


letsgothrow said...

I'll be home on Saturday. Wanna hang? Maybe have a late lunch?

T-Seabs said...

It looks like everyone is coming to town this weekend, I've heard Tracy is showing up too. I like most of what I've seen of Michael Gondry's work. The last thing I got pumped for was Snakes On A Plane because there was no way I was passing up on that. It was exactly everything I expected too so it was and is perfect. I even bought the terrible soundtrack and a t-shirt.

Mr. Hill said...

I lost your phone number again, throw.

I have a tee time to play golf in the morning, but if it rains I'll be open to a lunch thing. We might go see Little Miss Sunshine tomorry night, too.

Call sometime late morning to see what's going on.

Tracy has been coming back regular-like, I think, which is nice to know. I've heard some funny/tragic stories about his Indy apt. and landlord.

Ryan said...

Ha, it's my fault! I hyped American History X up too much for you!