Friday, September 01, 2006

Skateboarding is hard

We finally got to Rise this weekend to pick up C's new skateboard. In the picture, as you can see, is J, though, who quickly adopted it as her own. C used to skate a lot when she was a kid and had been wanting a new one ever since the new skate park opened here a year ago or so, so I grabbed her a gift certificate at Rise for her Birthday and now she's set. It's funny to see your wife skateboard. She's good, for a wife-skateboarder. Personally, I have always wanted to try it too--but it wasn't something people in my town did when I grew up and I have no history with it, and so I suck at it. It's hard, skateboarding. I think I'm going to stick to mountain biking for my thrill sport.


sarahjane said...

i've always wanted a skateboarding wife, you lucky dog. . . . or a skateboarding husband . . . or a skateboarding labrador retriever. personally, i think petey would look great on a skateboard. tough as nails.

Mr. Hill said...

For sure. You *know* that if you gave Pete a skateboard, he would take to it the same way my dog started swimming when I first showed her a lake. That's just the kind of dog he is.

Say, there were a couple of great old-timey bands playing at the BG fest up in Kville today. You should think about going next summer.