Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Doctor Wins

For about a week, I've been hoping that I could make it through tonight without watching Lost. For a few weeks, of course, when I saw an ad or some teaser about the new season, a part of me, just like in everyone, probably, would say "Oh, Lost? I wonder what's going to happen," and I would get excited.

But I don't want to get into it. It's just an addiction with no real payoff, isn't it? I mean, they raise your curiosity with a small twist and it kills you not to know, for example, what is in the damn hatch. Then, when you find out what is in the hatch, you don't really care anymore because (a) it's just a tv show, and (b) they have thrown some new plot twist at you that has you again anticipating next week's show.

That's the problem for mel with serial dramas; you're rarely enjoying the moment, but instead anticipating the next one.
Still, I knew there was good chance that if I saw tonight's episode, I would fall into that narrative trap and have effectively forked over my Wednesday nights for the winter.

But something else happened. Instead, I had a dvd of the new Doctor Who series, a nerdy series, but one that takes me back to the old Tom Baker days that I used to watch with my old grandma. She was my BBC friend. We'd stay up late on Friday nights and watch all the BBC
lineup they had, and she had no idea what was going on, but she thought it was all funny, and it was great to be there with her. So I put this new Doctor Who dvd in, a show I hadn't watched since I was old enough to get my driver's license and have "better" things to do with my Friday nights. I watched the show, and it was okay, but more importantly, I started it, unthinkingly, before Lost came on, and didn't even realize it until The Doctor was done saving people in space an hour later.

So I made it through Lost premiere night without getting hooked is what I'm saying, and that's a small victory. Richard Brautigan says that you have to keep track of the small victories, so I do.


Tito said...

There's this blog I read, see, where this guy talks about stuff that's happening in his life. And what bugs me is that I know if I read it I'll just get sucked in and that makes me mad because there's no real payoff, see? It's always just this guy talking about stuff like why he doesn't like some TV show and how he doesn't want to watch it and so instead he watches something else equally as unrewarding, and next thing you know I've read this whole blog entry about nothing, really, and there was no payoff. Still I can't help but to keep coming back to read it again and again. Looks like my winter's shot!

Mr. Hill said...

Oh, but there is a payoff here, a profound one. It may be intangible, and marginal, but it's there, and it's profound, and you will just have to trust me.

Random1001.5 said...

What's scary is my friend said he watched a ton of the old series’ episodes and seemed to pick up on some of the British accent and spellings like mate and colours. Maybe I should see what all the craze is about.