Thursday, October 12, 2006

First Snow

I think one way that I know that I live at the ideal latitude for my temperment is that I always seem to be ready--emotionally and philosophically--when it is time for the next season to arrive. In May, I'm tired of the mud and those too-happy spring flowers and ready for summer perennials to start growin. Then, by September I'm worn out by heat and relentless lawn mowing and I welcome coats and knit hats. By November, I'm dreaming about snow. I don't even do much in the snow except cross country ski when I can--I just like it.

So, we got our first snow today. I think that's what it was, anyway. I the spring they'd have called it sleet, but I'm ready enough for winter that I'm calling it snow, and it made me happy.

Somehow that makes me remember how, on our honeymoon up in Jasper, Alberta, this old guy was driving C and me to the drop off point where we were going to start hiking and I asked him how he handled the long Canadian Rockies winters and he, this guy who must have been about 70, said "Every year, I love it more." That guy was cool.


Mindstroller said...

Oh it was snow alright, no doubt about it. I know, because i was marching around in it seventh period today. it actually started to collect for a few minutes, but it melted

i liked the snow, its just that the wind was gusting probably to 25 mph.
and it was not much fun to be playing a solid metal instrument with your lips when your saliva is close to freezing to the mouthpiece.

PirateGecko said...

Whoah, snowwwww. I kind of liked the snow, but I really like fall so I was kind of hoping it'd last a bit longer before we got sudden amazing flurries that were whirling around in a crazy torrent, speeding up and slowing down. Wow, I should not comment when I'm hyper. But yeah, I love the snow. I love walking on it and the way it crunches under my shoes, and even how it gets the bottom of my jeans wet.

That guy sounds pretty cool. :D