Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Teacher New Year

A.C. Filling Curtain Like a Dress, South Bend

It's getting close now. I always get a few new year's resolutions in my head around January, but the more serious ones happen in mid April to late May, when I know that summer is coming and I will actually have time to devote to doing more stuff. So I'm trying to think about what to do this summer. Assignments are what I'm looking for, things to assign myself, because that's how it works for me.

My friend Mike is doing a photo project called "Four States." I'm thinking of making this the summer of shooting my Holga more. But of what? I need something tangible. Another project I am working on is "plant bamboo in the yard" and another is "change my guitar strings." Those could take some time, but I might have some left over. Hmm. The summer is my oyster: what to do?
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wes gaines said...

Holga eh? Sarah and I were just looking at getting one, any suggestions?

countvonsexy said...

OK...this is embarrassing (as I'm SUPPOSED to be a competent photographer)...but can I watch the way you load your Holga? I'm convinced I do it wrong.


Mr. Hill said...

Yes, I suggest you get one! I think they're all the same, really, right? What are they, like $35? Mine is technically an Arrow, but some are called Diana. But like I said, I think they're all the same. I always feel like everything I take with it is an accident.

If I didn't know better, David, I'd think you're coming on to me. It's simple though; the little part with the plastic lens-looking thing is what you point at the subject. You probably know that part, though.

I usually hold one half of mine in each hand because the lens always breaks off.

Mr. Hill said...

Wait, what dog is that in your profile picture, Wes? You guys didn't get another one, did you?

Rachel said...

Whenever I start a summer, I usually end up making it a goal to do something new.

Last summer, I attempted to paint along with Bob Ross on PBS. Of course, he had an easel and canvas with nice oil paints and I just had white construction paper and cheap acrylics. But at least it was something to do!

So maybe trying something you wouldn't normally consider would be a good project for you! Expanding, I guess.

Mr. Hill said...

Oh my, Rachel, you saying Bob Ross reminded me of John Kilduff. You have to go to YouTube and search for him. He does this public access show in CA that is about painting, cooking, and exercise: he runs on a treadmill, paints, and cooks things all at the same time and takes calls from viewers to "help through any creative issues they may be having."

It's pretty hilarious.

Okay, my new thing this summer will be . . . drawing. I will start drawing pictures. My summer of drawing on the left side of the brain. Yes. We will see. Say, what else could you do on the left side of the brain? Driving. Yes, it will also be my summer of driving on the right side of the brain.

wes gaines said...

No new dogs for us. That's our friend's dog. Its something like 99% wolf, which I really admire, so it made the profile.

LetsGoThrow said...

I was just reading wes's link of darfurians in fort wayne and it says "The city offers wireless Internet access at no cost." Can this be true?!

Mr. Hill said...

That's news to me. Maybe the whole city is leaching off my home network. That would explain some things.