Tuesday, July 10, 2007


One of the best things about going away on vacation is that when you get home you get to read a huge stack of mail all at once. It's so exciting. Maybe a book you forgot you ordered from Amazon came in while you were gone. Maybe Netflix sent you the first episodes of Entourage. And even if Entourage turns out to be not that good, which it isn't, unfortunately, except for Jeremy Piven, that's okay because this time I also got a letter telling me that a poem of mine, "Ghost a Dress Might Wear," has been accepted for publication! I'm thrilled, really. I've had a few other things published here and there, but this particular journal, Many Mountains Moving, is a bigger "stage," I guess.
Makes me want to send more of these things out and see what happens.

To celebrate, C brought home tortilla chips, chicken salad, and a carrot cake. Interesting mix. She claimed to have been pressed for time after discovering that Baan Thai was closed for a few weeks while the owners took a trip home. It tasted pretty swell, though.


sarahjane said...

Congratulations! We've been knocked senseless by the Baan Thai closing twice already (we keep forgetting).

Mindstroller said...

Congrats! Id bet it couldnt hurt to "send more of these things out," it would probably be worth it if even a few more of them got published. best of luck!