Saturday, August 11, 2007

A neat summer shot

Sarah P. on a Burt Lake evening

My good friend Mike Johnston, who runs, or is, The Online Photographer, recently expressed something that I have long felt: digital sucks for black and white. He says this partly because in the part of an image where you should have highlight detail, digital usually gives you just, um, light.

A part of me always thought that my spectacular ignorance about digital workflow was the real thing to blame, so it was somewhat reassuring, I guess to hear someone whose skills I respect say this. But this issue does bug me. At this point, I'm not going back to film. I could; I still have the stuff. The darkroom could be up and running in five minutes. But I've become addicted to the immediate feedback of digital. I just shoot more of it, so even though it can't, yet, replace the feel of Tri-X, I get so much more in the way of images that it's a compromise I can live with. I just hope my current camera lasts me a few more years before I have to shell out for the next gen.

This cute girl above is one of Mike's cousins, actually, and I took this picture during a family gathering up in Michigan. If I were shooting film that night, I probably would have totally blown the exposure and had nothing to show for it--she walked away before I would have had time to bracket it. Because it was digital, I got it "right" (enough for me) the first time.
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countvonsexy said...

I love it.

I remember working in the electronics department of Target back in high school, selling off digital cameras. And telling people, "If you want to shoot black and whites, don't get a digital camera".

--Seriously, nothing is better than a vivid b& sharp and crisp and precise. It's enough to make anyone pull out their old camera.

sarahjane said...

beautiful photo! your hike looked lovely as well, although I'm not much of a hiker myself. We just returned from vacation in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Lovely time. We still need to return your copy of "The Road."

Mr. Hill said...

I've been wondering about your guys's whereabouts. I want Wes to help TAB some Califone songs for me.

Those are some tough places to leave. Good luck on your re-entry.

sarahjane said...

Re-entry sounds so spaceship-like. I'm sure Wes would loan his musical ear out for an evening.