Thursday, August 23, 2007

In session

J in the wildflars

I always forget how busy I get when the school year starts back up. I mean, look:

6:00 wake up
6:15 cereal and magazine because you can't eat breakfast while holding a book open with one hand.
6:40 to school
8:00-2:35 teaching or whatever
3:00 to my poetry class that I am always ten minutes late for but my great prof has said it's okay, we'll work something out.
4:15 thinking about class and whether I talked too much or not enough and whether other students hate me or not.
5:00 to day care
5:30 Curious George
6:00 make dinner kids don't eat.
6:30 eat while standing because I think that's what chefs do.
7:00 make stuffed animals talk to children
8:00 make children go to sleep or at least stay in room.
8:15 try not to waste night on teh interweb
9:00 read, no, fix something kids broke.
9:30 read
10:00 try not to waste night on internet.
10:30 bed.

Actually, looking at that, it's all fun stuff, so I'm not complaining.
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Rachel said...

You're living the life, H-man.

Mark Alan said...

Love the picture.

Man, seems like your hands are pretty full.

Mr. Hill said...

Thanks--I never noticed that picture the first time I uploaded the card, but it just kind of stuck out when I was browsing tonight.

PirateGecko said...

I like that you "teach or whatever." That's a good way to spend a good chunk of the day, I think.

Oh School... how busy it makes life..

countvonsexy said...

It's a wonderful life, so they say.