Sunday, December 16, 2007

Real Snow

Finally, some serious snow. They'd been getting our hopes up all week, and even this one wasn't quite what they thought it could be, but it was enough to slow the town down for a day. People couldn't drive up the hill in front of our house. The mall parking lot was only half full. Neighbor Herb snow-blew our walk, demonstrating again why I have neither snow blower nor cell phone: when you really need one, there is bound to be someone near by who will loan you theirs.
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Meg Marie said...

Get serious. You don't have a cell phone?

Nathan said...

I don't have a cell phone either. Well, I mean I do, but it's never on, in fact, I'm not sure where it is right now. I think it's in the car, but I'm not quite sure. My parents thrust the cell phone on me. I was like, "Heh...thanks, but I don't really want one." And they were like, "just take it in case you're in trouble." Well, whatever.

Mr. Hill said...

No, no phone. My family was the last to get a VCR, a microwave, the Atari 2600; it's genetic, I guess. I'm whatever the opposite of an "early adopter," whatever you call that.

Besides, I'm convinced that every time you say "where is my cell phone?" it takes two minutes off of your life span. It's just not healthy to have that constant low level of stress, wondering where it is, if it's charged, if you have any messages.

They're cool to look at, though. So tiny.

Michelle said...

Happy snow day to you.

sarahjane said...

Wow, they couldn't get up the hill by your house? That'd be entertaining to watch, actually. Although I have no room to talk--I couldn't get out of our driveway this morning. Wes had to pull the car out for me.