Sunday, December 16, 2007

Check this cookie

My AP Lit class has been in the middle of independent novel presentations this past week, and a crack team presented Cormac McCarthy's The Road. They made these cookies to go along with their presentation--how awesome is that? They took the time to mix a food coloring to make "ash" colored icing. Pretty great. Couldn't bring myself to eat one.

Another group is reading Blood Meridian, and just talking to them about their project has me reading the darn thing again. It's just unstoppable, that book. Maybe Suttree isn't my favorite.
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tsea said...

My brother just read both of those (in about one night to meet his deadline) for his last class and said he quite liked them. I'll have to take a beat and read them.

Mr. Hill said...

That must have been a cool class, to have both of those assigned. Blood Meridian would be a tough read in one night, though. On the other hand, though, I read Moby Dick in a day in college once and it was an amazing experience. Maybe OD'ing on epic stuff like that is the best way to go.

tsea said...

it was an independent study he was supposed to do over the course of the semester, something like 12 novels that he put off till the last two weeks. Also, if you're digging Justice you should check out Zongamin which is what Justice spins at about 3:00 into the video you linked to from your top albums post.

Jessica Bush said...

So, I think that's awesome you blogged about those cookies and our class.