Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Half a Life

Cath and June, last visit to Julierette's

Oh, I love this picture of my wife. As of Wednesday, we've spent half our lives together. It sounds important, but you never hear of people, or even Hallmark, recognizing the achievement in any way. We had the idea to celebrate this milestone by organizing a "half-assed party," but we never got around to it.

Sitting here, remembering and all, I can't believe all the fun stuff I've done with her, my Catherine--like the time we went to that one place, and then there was that one other place, too, and also that time that we just stayed home. I mean, dang.

I've been thinking lately that we should have just gotten hitched that very first summer we met when we were still dopey teenagers--how amour fou that would have been. But I have been saving the fou. There will be lots more fou.
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Rachel said...

Oh, man. That's spectacular. Congratulations, you guys!

It's probably better that Hallmark doesn't recognize something this special. They have those singing cards now. I'd hate for you guys to get something that plays MC Hammer.

Mr. Hill said...

Thanks, Rachel.

I'll make sure to hand-make any card I get, or maybe not even make a card at all, just to be safe.

sarahjane said...

What a sweet post. I think there's still time for a half-assed party--planning it last minute is part of the concept, right? I'm in!

Mr. Hill said...

You make a good point. Does tomorrow/Friday work for you? Do you have any half-finished boxes of crackers to contribute?

sarahjane said...

I'm not even sure if you're serious at this point! Wes said I should just tell you, "We might be there at 8." Our friends from Minneapolis will be here, and we might be hanging out with Eric and Clare too. I can let you know!

Mr. Hill said...

Okay, invitation is going out in a few minutes. It'd be cool if you guys could stop by. I forgot your Minn. friends' names just now, but they're so nice, I'd love to see them again.