Thursday, July 10, 2008

In for Pitchfork

Seeing the schedule/ times for Pitchfork is what finally helped make up my mind--I don't know how I waited this long to pull the trigger. Saturday looks to be better than last year, easily, and presents a couple of tough decisions with Fleet Foxes and F* Buttons playing at the same time and Dizzee Rascal overlapping with Ruby Suns.

Anyway, one call to my folks to confirm baby-sitting and I got our two tix. Can't wait.


nathan_fisher said...

1:00 -- Titus Andronicus
2:00 -- Caribou
3:00 -- Fleet Foxes
4:15 -- Ruby Suns
5:00 -- Vampire Weekend
6:00 -- !!!
7:30 -- Atlas Sound
8:25 -- No Age
9:00 -- AC

If you see F. Buttons over Fleet Foxes, you really have no shame. I think the only ones that need to be thought about are Vampire Weekend over Elf Power, and No Age/Atlas Sound over Jarvis Cocker.

Mr. Hill said...

True. It's just a bummer you have to choose.

I might favor Extra Golden over !!! and Jarvis Cocker over the other two.

This mean you're for sure, too?

nathan_fisher said...

Still in the undecided stage; the only thing putting me off is that I'm almost bankrupted by plane tickets to NY for All Points West.

That and driving to/in Chicago and back sounds less than appealing.