Sunday, December 21, 2008

crazy cold!

We had the worst ice storm in the last eight years I've lived here on Friday and it sucks. All day I listened to the trees in my yard and in the park across the street fall apart and hit the earth like . . . like tree bombs. They sound louder than you think. But they don't explode like bombs.

We have enough limbs down that the bonfire we have in the spring is going to be the best ever. The city only allows small fires, but they won't let me have chickens either, so I think I get to choose to have at least one of them.

It was windy today, so ice has been flinging off the trees. It's like the trees in Wizard of Oz that throw apples except today they are chucking ice at our windows. Trees!!

But see, not all trees are evil. Lookit this cute Doug Fir behind me. Best tree we've had in a long time. Only $35, which is good for these parts. And look at my hands, too: total blur! I had no idea I was that fast! Really, though, I'm terrible.
Saddest Christmas dog ever. Cath: "Put your ears up, Smokey! Put your ears up!"

And garden Buddha just takes it all in. Nothing fazes him.

Oh, and the house I lived in during law school burned down. Thanks to Travis for sending me the cell phone snap here. Cath hated that place, but it was my last bachelor pad, and I loved it, even though it rained in the bedroom. Seriously. My landlord's house was worse, so I didn't think it was my place to complain. One of the great bathtubs was in there, too. I took a lot of baths in there one summer on account of breaking my wrist during (well, actually before) a mtn bike race, and I always swore "I am going to keep taking baths after my cast comes off" and I haven't taken one since. Maybe it's time to start listing resolutions for 2009 . . .

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mbh said...

that picture of your dog is really great

PirateGecko said...

Haha. That is a cute tree. :) Ours is drowning in tinsel as a tribute to my grandmother.
Those other trees are kind of vicious though. There's a car parked in front of my dad's house that had its back window smashed out by tree branches. It's been such a wonderful welcome home. Snow, ice, and now just really cold temperatures.

Calypso said...

So my iGoogle tells me it's -2 out, and the high for today is 8. I wouldn't know, because I haven't had the heart to brave the outdoors.

Loving IU, by the way. :) The IDS has made me copy chief for next semester!

nathan_fisher said...

Man! Smell those Douglas Firs!

Hmmm? said...

I can't complain too much about the ice storm. The trees look beautiful, I get to slide through my neighborhood, and work hasn't been overwhelmingly busy!

And I want your garden buddha. Mine is only 2 inches. :(