Saturday, December 13, 2008

When Teachers Party

A small gathering of English teachers (with a few select teachers of other subjects) holding a holiday gathering at one of our city's finer/ only used book stores.

Mr. Jankowski, rising guitar phenom.

Ms. Valencic, not the easiest photo to get.

Ms. Venderly, fitting as much Peru into her head as will fit before December 21.

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Hmmm? said...

Lol! You have no idea how many times my friends have taken pictures of eachother in the aisles of book stores. I guess that never gets old.

Rachel said...

Uuuughh, I love that place so much. I spent over $75 there the other day...

I wasn't aware that it was such a happenin hot spot though.

alphawoman said...

Hyde Brothers...Spent a small fortune there when I lived in FW. It was a place that I found every obscure book I looked for.