Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Game of Life

I had an idea today to make a game to play while you are just walking around, living, or whatever, and you would get or lose points for things things that you saw or that happened to you.

So far, the only rule I've thought of is "see a dog in a car: 5 pts."

Right now, my score is 5.


Possible snow: 2 pts.


Mindstroller said...

I think the system should be very relative. To a cat lover, seeing a dog in a car would not necessarily be a positive thing. Not a bad idea though. Good luck getting this through the prototype phase at hasbro though.

Dawn Potter said...

Accidentally forget to turn into my driveway after going into town to buy milk and have to go a half mile out of my way to get home: lose 10 points.

Son throws his 250-dollar retainer into the school-lunch trash, thus imitating Milhouse on a "Simpsons" episode and bringing his mother's entire purpose on this planet into question: lose 20 points.

Dog helpfully licks son, wakes him up, and makes it possible for him to catch the school bus; meanwhile, I drink coffee: gain 10 points.

Find a fancy guitar pick in the washing machine; realize I've never seen it before, which must mean that rock-and-roll elves have moved into my house: gain 10 points.

Mr. Hill said...

Learn that there is such a thing as "rock and roll elves": gain 10 points.

Mason said...

my parents saw a mouse sitting on a cats back while the cat was lying (not laying) on a dogs back in new orleans once. i'd say that just wins the game of life right there.

Mr. Hill said...

Unreal. Some people are so lucky.

Nice Strunk save.

And I know you know MPP is it, right? Right.

Mason said...

MPP is unreal. i know what you meant though when you said the studio versions were "de-fanged" it makes sense but im such a sucker for really good production. the only track i'm disappointed about is Taste.

Hmmm? said...

I already created a similar game. lol Except my criteria is a bit different.

Running with a book bag on: 1000 pts

Good "Thats what she said" jokes: about 50 pts.

Accidently dumping your ice cream cone into the communal bowl of sprinkles in front of a huge group of people: automatic win.

Mr. Hill said...

I will add those to the rules.

In my version, though, you die before you win. Kinda sad.

Hmmm? said...

well, i felt like I died from laughing so hard. close enough.

Mindstroller said...

That happened to me once! Except i wasn't lucky enough for it to land in the bowl of sprinkles, it just flopped over onto the dirty toppings catcher tray... Guess i haven't won yet.

LetsGoThrow said...

I was walking to the train today and a car passed me that had a dog in the passenger seat.

I immediately smiled, thought "5 pts," and had a much better walk because of it.

So, thanks.