Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rare movie plug

Oskar and Eli

I can't think of any other vampire movie I have really liked until Let the Right One In came in my Netflix queue. It's snowy and has lots of long, still takes of snow and buildings in the snow and the kind of neat, spare apartments that Swedish people put inside of those buildings. And the movie has these two child actors that are good, and one is a vampire, and by the end I was in love with them both.

I am far from the first person to speak up about this movie, but I wonder if there is enough of a buzz about it to turn on Nathan's contrarian instincts. I hope he lets us know.


sarahjane said...

I heard this was a bit freaky, so I never watched it. Is it?

Mr. Hill said...

Oh yes, it's freaky, but delightfully so. It is no typical vampire movie. You should give it a shot.

Mr. Hill said...

I should add that in addition to being freaky, it is also bloody and chilling, in case that bothers you. But it is also tender. I'm still thinking about it.

nathan_fisher said...

You picked a good movie to plug, my friend. I love when you finally get the kiss, with the whole blood-as-lipstick image. You wait for it the whole time, and it's so sublime.

It was actually in my top ten. And I thought it was creepy, but not too terrifying. Although, all the parts with Eli's "dad" were pretty chilling. Especially the beginning in the forest--what a great set-up.

Since this is the peak of this vampire trend, does that mean it'll go away again?

nathan_fisher said...

Also, how is Outliers? I'm never sure if I should read one of his books are not, and I'm never sure, if so, how seriously I should take them.

Mindstroller said...

Well i just saw the aforementioned movie, and i have to say, it's more precious than i had thought it would be. It has way more soul than i thought it would.

Very cyclic and beautiful in the end, too.

Mr. Hill said...

It is so sweet, and bloody, but mainly sweet. That ending, though, you just don't know how good to feel about it.

Outliers is pretty interesting. You can read just the topic sentences and a couple of the anecdotes and get though it pretty quickly. You could even just read a good review of the book and get the idea.

PirateGecko said...

My friends and I just watched this movie yesterday. I really liked it. The pool scene in the end was really great with its casual violence.

In the end, it was everything that Twilight wasn't. :D

Thanks for the movie plug, H-man! :)

Mr. Hill said...

Glad you liked it, Z. I'm still thinking about that one. I actually just watched Twilight during my last few lunches b/c Mrs. K (who had her baby) loaned it to me . . and it is so bad. I kept watching because I heard the vampires live in a cool house, and they do. But really, so bad.

Sorry if you're reading this, Wendy, but you know it's true!!