Saturday, March 07, 2009


Usually the point of the whole "street" photography thing is that you don't get caught taking the picture, but sometimes it's fun to just click the camera right in some stranger's face and see what happens. Here, I think I just made someone mad, but oh well. I snapped the picture because of the map, mainly, but her response is kind of funny, too.

But I took this two weekends ago while we were up in Michigan taking the kids skiing for the first time. I thought it would go like this: (1) spend more than you want to for tiny skis; (2) kids fall down on snow; (3) kids want to go home.
What a pleasant surprise, then, to see that it actually went like this: (1) spend more than you want to for tiny skis; (2) have fun falling in snow and skiing and whatever. So, snow, thank you and we will miss you. It is getting warm now, 60's even, though it is the early March kind of warm that simply oozes a cold winter sweat up from the earth and out from your lawn and even the sidewalks, too, somehow.

So I, for one, am that kind of person that could do with another snow. Look how pretty it was to drive around up there--slow and mindful the driving was. It's so democratic, the big snow storms, something we all have in common for a day or two. Then when it is warm outside we all go our separate ways.

So, snow to May, maybe, and then let the azaleas bloom and okay tulips but even better let's get on to the dry, high summer stuff like the bergamot and the cone flower, oh, and that small plot of delphineum that is hanging in there, too.
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sarahjane said...

She does look ticked. And it's so sweet to hear about tiny skis.

Mindstroller said...

I think i've been skiing there. it funny how they make it look huge on the map when it's really not that impressive (at least when compared to Steamboat Springs and Park City).