Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Favorite Music, 2009, Part One

So, this is really for me, I guess, but in case you're interested. Really strange list this year for some reason. To end some of the suspense for them, here are the honorable mentions: Camera Obscura, Bill Callahan, Mountain Man, Washed Out, Atlas Sound, Yo La Tengo, Neon Indian.

10. Wavves

We were supposed to be bored of this dude months ago, but you can't deny the fun. If you had half an hour, you could have written most of these songs, but you don't have it.

9. Black Moth Super Rainbow, Dandelion Gum

This didn't come out in 2009, but I have played it 4,000 times this year and I still can't tell if it sucks or not, which says something. Not sure what. Makes me think of snow.

Sometimes sounds like Boards of Canada and sometimes sounds like this.

8. Au Revoir Simone--Still Night, Still Light

Three sylphs dancing behind their synthesizers like they are at a Belle & Sebastian show. David Lynch tweeted about them.This is the wussiest entry on the list this year.

7. The XX--XX

It is just so good--clean and simple and I love the way the dude's voice sounds along with the girl's voice. I think they're real young, this group, so I don't know how they learned about The Cure.

6. Real Estate

Most recent pick up, and I first tried it just because Pitchfork said it was decent. And they were right. It is either lo-fi or just poorly recorded or maybe that is the same thing. A little more "jangly" than most of my music usually. Or maybe that's not true. Maybe they fit in the Ola Podrida, Band of Horses kind of sound.

5. Avey Tare and Kria Brekken--the re-reversed version of Pullhair Rubeye.

So they recorded an amazing album and then reversed it, making it a bad one, and released it that way, and then people re-reversed it and it is good again. I strum the songs on guitar and it doesn't sound that good but it doesn't have to now does it.


nathan_fisher said...

"I think they're real young, this group, so I don't know how they learned about The Cure."

That line deserves a high five. Even though I can't listen to the XX for more than fifteen minutes because all of their songs sound the same.

And I knew you would put Wavv(v?)es. I feel like Nathan Williams is the kind of guy that always told you he would be big and now that he is he keeps reminding you of it and he doesn't believe anybody hates him, they're all just jealous that he's more famous than you.

zzzzz said...

Unrelated to your music post,

I'm still holding on to the twenty-aughts.

Mr. Hill said...

I do like the old-timey-ness of "aughts," but I'm starting to think I want to refer to these years as "that one time."

PirateGecko said...

Hmm.. Well I've checked out Au Revoir Simone and The XX. They both seem interesting. I may have to look into them some more and maybe some of the others on the list so far.