Monday, December 21, 2009

Things my friend Mike made

My friend Mike can do anything, like this kitchen. After a couple of inconclusive conversations in which Cath and I try to express our "vision" he just comes over and makes stuff and we end up thinking "damn, our vision was good."

This here is what he started with. Not the best "before" photo because it doesn't show the awful stuff Mike had to rip out before he could put in the new range hood and that cool white paneling, but you get the gist of it.
And then there's this, too, the kinds of shelves I've gone to sleep thinking about since I was twelve. Could a Kindle ever give you the feeling you get when you sit down and look at something like this--your books, some of your things, just there for you, if and when you need them?
Deciding what books to put where was not easy. Not all of them made the cut and got left in other corners. Those that did I decided to arrange by color, though it came out kind of random.
Goodbye, bricks and boards. Unfortunately, now I have no excuse not to finish the couch project that supplied me with those long plywood planks. I need a new biscuit joiner, though. Maybe that's my excuse.
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sarahjane said...

Woah, Mike, that's great! Jealousy is setting in.

Hmmm? said...

I agree with the books vs. kindle thing. Every time I leave for college after a break, my mother goes upstairs and "organizes" all of my books again. She doesn't understand how a bunch of books can look beautiful. Especially disorganized. She has a kindle.

Rachel said...

Oh, wow! That kitchen looks amazing!

I'm turned off by a Kindle because I'm seriously concerned that one of these days my eyes are going to melt out of my head because of all the screens I stare at.

PirateGecko said...

I'm so jealous of your shelves.

And your kitchen is fantastic. It is my favorite kitchen.

That's kind of the same reason Momo doesn't want a kindle. She also likes being able to actually hold the book, and I don't like reading on screens.

Now I want to rearrange my books instead of pack them.

zzzzz said...

Home improvement projects seem to be in now. I am going to renovate my bathroom next week, rip up the carpet in two rooms to restore the wood floors hiding below, paint the kitchen (I too was going with white) among other projects. But this is all because my mother is gifting me the house. Oh, and I'm engaged!
PS: props on original artwork hanging in the house.

Mr. Hill said...

Hey, congratulations, Thomas--I hadn't heard! And congratulations on the new digs, too.

That painting is by e4, btw, that group Tracy is in.

LetsGoThrow said...

The kitchen looks awesome and beautiful, but not quite as much as C's expression in the "after" photo. Give me a call sometime, will ya?

Mr. Hill said...

We don't have your # up here and I have been looking at snow a lot these last few days. msg me it.

Michelle Briggs Wedaman said...

Looks good ~ happy 2010!