Sunday, January 10, 2010

Having trouble with the chopsticks here. I probably had the right and left mixed up hahah. It is nice to not go down the business corridors in "developing" neighborhoods in your town for awhile because when you go back to them, you often find that new ethnic restaurants have moved in since you last looked. That doesn't happen if you watch too closely. This one is Burmese, I know, because the sign on the door was written in what looked like a series of zeroes and sixes. And the food was great primarily because it was so strange compared to the bread and cheese diet I normally live on at home but also because the proprietors of these restaurants rarely seem to understand how to attach prices to the things they make. Two of us ate too much and drank too much sweetened coffee and were only punished $12.60 for it. We also had to listen to and watch a 4th generation vhs of Burmese karaoke, but even that is character building.
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LetsGoThrow said...

I hope they are around in march so we can dine there together.

PirateGecko said...

I like the coffee mug with the Christmas tree.

It sounds like an interesting place though.

sarahjane said...

What? $12! That's ridiculous. Where is this place? I'm there.

Mr. Hill said...

It's, I think, "Two Friends Tea House."

It's on Calhoun a little north of this Walgreens and on the other side of the street.

I would go more if they also sold like chicken strips that my kids would eat.