Saturday, January 16, 2010

winter break video diaries

O, winter break, thank you for clearing the mental table a bit. We had all snow for 11 or 12 days or so up in Michigan and I can't remember the last time we had it so good. A couple of igloos, new skates for me, and it always seemed to snow at just the right time. This video documents one of those times--the annual new year's chili cook off held on my wife's family's side of the lake, the lake where we met back when we were silly kids.

If you have older kids, you ski back to "the old sugar camp"; if the kids are younger, you drive to a nearby clearing and walk it in. And then you eat chili and talk to the lake people you see twice a year in July and December which now seems to happen faster and faster. Later, you maybe take an ill-advised night-time snowmobile ride. And they always have this cool old sleigh pulled by some olde horses and that is what is in this video.

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