Friday, March 19, 2010

Birk showing us "how Chinese people sit" at Mahnin tonight during our pre school carnival meal. It was a great meal, but not quite long enough because by the time we were done eating, the carnival was still going on.
So we spent an hour at school, squeezing around excitable children, casting nervous glances at the school fireman, who did not seem concerned enough about the way the cotton candy machine filled the halls with sticky smoke.
Even though this is an elementary school, I always, always learn a lot just by reading the homework on the walls. I will never smoke again, for example.These things are rarely cute enough to not be entirely draining, but they come so close. Most of the games are crafted by parents from Tupperware in basements and are all versions of scams I never pay to play when professional carnies roll them in for the annual Marshmallow festival, but this money goes to something important. I'm not sure what, exactly, but it's something for the schools.

My kids lost most of the games they played but everyone walks away with candy, which is good because the Valentine's day candy just ran out.
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Zan said...

Cute Pictures. I don't really understand the last one, but it's neat looking.

I do like the homework piece on the harmful effects of smoking. Quite spectacular.

Mr. Hill said...

The last one is just a bit of crepe paper that a parent volunteer had tied to a pencil sharpener to seal off an area of a class/ game room. Not sure why I thought it was funny, something about the ad hoc, falling apart look of it.