Monday, January 10, 2011

Good-bye, Christmas tree

You were pretty good, for a tree. I remember when we went to the farm to pick you out and you were standing there in that field playing it cool like you didn't really want us to cut you down. But it was so cold I could tell you really did want us to bring you inside our house, where it is just a tiny bit less cold, but just as drafty.

And now I miss looking out that window you always are looking out, so goodbye to you. Don't shed too many needles on your way out the door.

Rly, tho, great tree this year. I would have kept her going until April except that our old-timey bulbs get like super-hot and I'm pretty sure she almost caught on fire once or twice. I am not going down in a Christmas tree fire, I know that much.


sarahjane said...

Man, you are so funny.

Do you think anyone's ever wanted to go down in a Christmas tree fire?

Mr. Hill said...

I really don't know . . it's not the kind of thing you ask a person.

zzzzz said...

As I saw on Mythbusters, pine trees are very unlikely to burn from the heat of the lamps. They put several hundred c7 and c9 bulbs on a very dry tree with no combustion. Faulty wiring, poor extension cords, and overloaded circuits can cause sparks that may ignite the tree. Nonetheless a ornament style smoke alarm can give some reassurance.