Friday, January 07, 2011

Here's a picture of the moment I decided to start following The Sartorialist again. Somehow, I had drifted away from it. Maybe I lost the link, or maybe I consciously stopped following it this summer when I decided to spend less time online and more time onlife. But then today, one of my other favorite sites, The Online Photographer, run by my good friend Mike Johnston, had a video of the guy behind T.S., and it reminded me of how fun that site is to browse. The guy walking toward the camera in the image here is the photographer behind it all, and he has made a cool job for himself, walking around, taking pictures of the beautiful people.

It's odd that I follow that site at all, I guess, because I don't think of myself as highly fashion conscious, but at the same time I do tend to read about stuff that I don't actually "do," like video games and chess and surfing. Oh, I wish I could surf, though--surfers seem like they've got life all figured out.


sarahjane said...

I just watched that video last night. Did you know that he's a Hoosier? :)

Mr. Hill said...

Hey, I didn't know that. Yay for us Hoosiers. I love the barbershop he goes to at the beginning of that video.