Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Feel more

So now I have spent the past day on the Animal Collective forum--I'd never have guessed that there are that many people out there in the world who could be that into a band that is that messed up. Lots of great shows being traded, too, it sounds like, but I wonder how much of it is just people who collect shows pathologically. Back when I was into live stuff and collecting tapes, that's what I was like, at least. People are even downloading video of AC shows on this forum. Unreal. Maybe I'm just a little naive about just how much stuff can be up/downloaded out there. It's a different world from when I was a kid in Marshall, Michigan, where all the kids liked Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden because that's what the record store had in stock. We didn't know there was any other way, or other music out there until Mitch and I met Mr. Unruh in 7th grade science and he let us take his Who records home. I tape recorded every one by holding this tiny plastic microphone up to the speakers!

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