Tuesday, November 15, 2005

June meets the media

June has discovered commercials. Because we don't have cable, June grew up watching PBS cartoons for the most part, and her most common reaction to what commercial television she did see has always been to get mad when her show would disappear for a commercial break. "I don't want this!" she would yell, thinking the channel had been changed by someone with an invisible remote control, when the commerial cut in. Things have changed now.

A recent custom has been for June to climb in our bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings and watch a little tv while C and I sleep in. On Saturday, the only channel we have that shows kid friendly stuff is CBS. Now she understands how commercials work. Every break she saw this last weekend, she would watch the ad, and then say "I wish I had a talking pony" if the ad was about a talking pony, or "I wish I had a talking kitchen" if the ad was about a talking kitchen. It was uncanny. The ad people know their audience. "But you do have a talking kitchen," we said. "It even talks in French, Spanish and English." I can't remember her response to that, but I remember that we hadn't changed her position.

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